Shoring tower STAFLEX

Start-up assistance/monitoring

PFO Africa

Construction period
24 months

Project owner
Presidency of the Republic of Ivory Coast

Abidjan – Ivory Coast

We participated in the design of the "Esplanade", an extension of the Palace of the Presidency of the Republic of Abidjan in Ivory Coast designed by PFO Africa. We provided shoring, formwork and working platforms (PTE). The "Esplanade" will look like a glass vessel like a mirror on which the city and the sky are reflected.

The "Esplanade" building will have 5 levels, including a ground floor, a technical floor and 3 floors of offices. To this end, nearly 190 tonnes of 6 tonne per foot STAFLEX shoring towers were delivered to this site to support the construction structure. We also delivered other tools for this project such as:

  • JALSEC ® work platform
  • Straight and TP props
  • Custom hopper trays.
  • Polyester column formwork
  • Universal prefabrication mould
  • Individual Rolling Lightweight Rolling Platform
  • A global supply of equipment to fully meet our customer's needs.


of equipment
of material delivered
of plywood
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