The product

The H10 aluminium beam combines safety and flexibility for the creation of formwork bottom decking. This solution makes it possible to create a work platform in complete safety and eliminates any risk of falling from height.


  • Collective safety thanks to the 10cm gap between each beam, so no fall is possible between the beams when the formwork skin is laid,
  • The beam is as wide as it is high and cannot tip over,
  • Natural circulation of site workers,
  • Easy handling due to the low weight and compactness of the aluminium beam,
  • Long shelf life thanks to aluminium,
  • Flexibility of implementation thanks to the possibility of crossing the beams,
  • Allows for a significant reduction in the thickness of the plywood in the case of a single pour,
  • Quick to assemble because the formwork skin can be placed freely: the CP can also be poured on the worktop thanks to the wooden furring integrated into the beam.

Technical description

The H10 aluminium beam is easy to install. Mounting is done from the bottom floor and requires no training. Assembly and disassembly of the beam can be carried out by one person. Assembly is quick thanks to the formwork skin that can be placed freely. The CP can also be nailed to the worktop thanks to the wooden furring integrated into the beam.

This solution is also suitable for transfer slabs, the maximum permissible span is 2 metres under a 60 cm thick slab.

The weight of the beam is 11kg and it measures 2.9m.

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